Our Origins

Cogni Care Inc. was established in 1999 to provide community rehabilitation and support services to adults with acquired brain injury. Since then, we have maintained active contractual relationships with health authorities, private insurance companies, and trustees and via sliding fee scale services for families and clients without third party funding. In the early 2000’s, we expanded our scope of care to include dedicated services for older adults experiencing cognitive change due to acquired brain injury and/or concurrent challenges such as addiction, mental illness or dementia.

Recognized Expertise

Cogni Care Inc. is tightly woven into the fabric of brain injury rehabilitation and dementia care services on Southern Vancouver Island and frequently called upon to transition patients from hospital to home and provide community based rehabilitation and support, Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention, vocational retraining and job placement, outreach and crisis intervention services. By bridging public and private funding sources and offering a sliding scale for services, Cogni Care Inc. is able to maintain continuity of care for our clients as they transition through recovery or age in place.

Client Centered

In addition to being goal driven and outcome focused, our services are provided with the recognition that adult onset of cognitive disability is associated with grief and loss for the individual, their families and their social networks. We understand the importance of both rehabilitating the individual and maintaining stability within their support networks to reduce caregiver burden and maintain valued social roles such as employee, spouse, parent, child or friend. We also know there are times when our society needs to make changes to accommodate and include people living with a disability. In this regard, we are tireless advocates.