Based on individual client needs, Cogni Care Case Management services are delivered on a spectrum that varies by frequency of involvement and level of direct client contact.

Some examples of case management styles we use include:

Rehabilitation Case Management (RCM)

In the weeks and months following an acquired brain injury or illness an individual’s rehabilitation needs are complex. In order to maximize recovery potential it is important that rehabilitation services are coordinated in a smooth and seamless manner that minimizes stress and disruption, thereby allowing the individual to focus on their recovery. RCM services provide a central point of contact and coordinate medical, rehabilitation and support services. Our RCM services ensure rehabilitation services are delivered in a coordinated, efficient and timely manner.

Assertive Case Management (ACM)

Some people experience cognitive disability in combination with other challenges such as addiction, mental illness or financial hardship. This can lead to housing instability, frequent involvement with emergency health services, poverty and marginalization. When providing services to these individuals, we frequently use an Assertive Case Management (ACM) model. ACM focuses on the development and maintenance of stability and safety for our clients, their support networks and the community. This is done by facilitating access to publicly available mental health and addictions services, crisis intervention, assisting in financial planning and budgeting, locating suitable housing and coordinating behaviour management strategies. Our ACM services are frequently called on to achieve stability in a client’s life so they are better able to benefit from other available services.

Community Case Management (CCM)

In order to maintain independence and community integration, some people with cognitive disabilities require ongoing support. Our support teams are supervised by a case manager within a Community Case Management (CCM) model. CCM coordinates and delivers our services in a manner that promotes the voice and personal goals of our clients and actively coordinates services in a manner that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle while promoting involvement with family, the community and productive activities such as volunteering or employment skill building. CCM actively monitors our clients and proactively recruits and coordinates services in a manner that maximizes stability, health and safety.