We aim to match clients with one or more of our skilled Community Rehabilitation Workers to provide consistent and personalized rehabilitation services and support. Community Rehabilitation Workers meet with clients in their homes, at their place of work or volunteering, and in the community.

Community Rehabilitation Services for people with Acquired Brain Injuries are supervised by either a Case Manager or Occupational Therapist and are frequently delivered in partnership with multi-disciplinary medical and rehabilitation teams.

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Community Rehabilitation Worker Services

  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL)
    • What are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living?
      IADL tasks rely heavily on higher-order cognitive processes such as organizing and planning, declarative memory and executive function. In fact, research shows that executive functions such as working memory, complex attention and inhibitory control account for up to 50% of performance with IADL. Acquired Brain Injuries can make it difficult managing IADL’s such as medication and medical management, financial management, meal planning, preparation and grocery shopping, communication, community access and integration, as well as maintaining the home.
      Cogni Care is specialized in providing support and rehabilitation services with IADL through training with adaptive organization and planning strategies. 
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Community Integration
  • Recreation Integration
  • Educational and vocational planning and programming
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization