Maintain Independence, Age in Place

Cogni Care serves older adults experiencing cognitive change due to dementia and/or Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) who wish to maintain semi-independent community living. Many older adults experiencing cognitive change continue to be able to attend to their personal care needs but benefit from training and support with more cognitively challenging tasks. Our focus on education, training, lifestyle coaching and building and maintaining independent living skills sets us apart from home support services.

We have a long history of providing community based rehabilitation to adults of all ages with ABI and build on this expertise to serve older adults. Acquired brain injuries include any damage to the brain that occurs after birth such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, infection of the brain and encephalopathy secondary to chronic alcohol or drug addiction. ABI is also associated with the early onset of dementia and cognitive decline.

Cogni Care also provides outreach services for older adults with addictions and concurrent challenges such as ABI or dementia.

Please visit our Cognitive Support and Outreach Services pages for more information.