Cognitive change & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Cogni Care is specialized in providing support and rehabilitation services with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).

IADL tasks rely heavily on higher-order cognitive processes such as organizing and planning, declarative memory and executive function. In fact, research shows that executive functions such as working memory, complex attention and inhibitory control account for up to 50% of performance with IADL.

All of our services are provided in a participatory manner that activates and involves our clients in IADL tasks. In some instances active participation can be rehabilitative and lead to improved independence and a reduced need for services. Central to all services is training with adaptive organization and planning strategies.

We can act as a stand-alone service provider; however, our services function well as an addition to publicly (or privately) funded home support services that focus primarily on basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL, i.e. personal care) and which provide minimal assistance with IADL tasks.

Examples of IADL’s we support through our services include:

Interacting with medical professionals

  • Booking and maintaining medical appointments
  • Following-up on medical recommendations
  • Ordering and maintaining medication regime
  • Monitoring health and well-being
  • Communicating with medical professionals


  • Developing and maintaining budgets
  • Scheduling and paying bills

Meal planning, preparation and grocery shopping

  • Creating efficient grocery lists
  • Accessing stores and purchasing food
  • Developing menu plans
  • Efficient use of purchased food (including bulk meal preparation)


  • Initiating communication using available devices (phone, internet)
  • Booking and maintaining medical appointments
  • Maintaining contact with social networks

Community access and integration

  • Accessing community to attend medical appointments and purchase personal and food items
  • Maintaining points of community integration with friends and family as well leisure and group activities

Ordinary Housework

  • Scheduling and keeping-up with household chores and basic maintenance

We Also Provide:

  • Training in the use of computers, electronic devices and online social networks to enhance independence and safety
  • Integration of healthy cognitive lifestyle activities, such as novel and challenging games, social involvement, and learning new skills
  • Identification and integration of suitable physical activities that enhance endurance and balance (in consultation with family doctor)
  • Monitoring and crisis intervention