Cogni Care provides the following Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

Job Readiness:

This phase begins with establishing structure and routine in our client’s life that simulate some of the demands inherent in work settings. This can include volunteering, education and cognitively and physically stimulating activities of interest. As the individual’s capacity for consistent structured activity increase, they are engaged in career exploration and transferable skills analysis. This is followed by employment specific education and training. As needed, we access our professional networks for specialized vocational assessments that integrate neuropsychological assessment with aptitude and personality testing.


During the placement phase we train job search skills that include resume and cover letter writing, interview practice, networking and introductions to sources of job postings and leads. Based on the needs of each individual our rehabilitation workers will either support independent applications for employment or will contact employers directly to arrange interviews. Each position applied for creates a unique opportunity for learning that is reinforced by debriefing and reviewing each application process.

On Site Training:

Cogni Care has developed unique Vocational Rehabilitation strategies which integrate principles of cognitive rehabilitation such as attention process and working memory training into the workplace. This contextualized, on-the-job, approach overcomes many of the generalization and transfer issues associated other forms of cognitive rehabilitation.

On site job coaching can also be provided to compliment training already available from employers. This can include the integration of compensatory strategies for memory and organization, increasing productivity and ensuring safety protocols are maintained. The Job Coach also facilitates communication between the employee and coworkers and facilitates regular performance reviews with employers during the return to work process.