As we age it becomes more difficult to live with mental illness or addiction. When combined with an acquired brain injury and/or dementia, living independently becomes increasingly challenging.

It can be stressful to have a loved one who is struggling to manage these types of concurrent barriers to independence; caregiver burnout is common risk. The situation can be further complicated by increasing numbers of medical professionals who may become involved and needing to maintain and coordinate communications with all parties.

Our Older Adult Outreach Services are grounded in our extensive experience with outreach and case management services. Based on the needs of each individual, we can assign a single Community Rehabilitation Worker or a small outreach team that includes a Case Manager. Regardless of the team structure, Cogni Care outreach services effectively coordinate with multidisciplinary medical teams, other community professionals and involved family members or friends.

The goals of outreach services are to:

  • Reduce harm associated with addictions and mental health concerns
  • Proactively monitor mental health and recruit treatment as appropriate
  • Promote housing stability and maintain a safe living environment
  • Dovetail with available public services and maintain an effective central point of contact for medical and rehabilitation teams
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced nutrition and physical activity
  • Collaborate with trustee’s or other representatives to assist with budgeting and managing expenses
  • Provide monitoring and crisis intervention